Despite new car registrations falling to their lowest in almost three decades, electric vehicle (EVs) sales in the UK have continued to go from strength to strength in the face of Covid-19. 

National emissions have plummeted, there has been a huge increase in conversations around ESG topics in the mobility space, and when coupled with the ever-increasing sense of responsibility throughout society, it can safely be said that the future will undoubtedly be electric. Yet, the so called ‘tipping point’ still seems to be in the industry’s future, and it’s not yet clear if that point will be down to accessibility, education, infrastructure, collaboration, or some other factor.

To drill down into these barriers, Hotwire recently hosted a virtual roundtable with business, marketing and communication leaders of some of the most powerful brands in electric vehicles to discuss how to communicate the next leg of the EV journey. 

Download our write up of the discussion, which focussed on:

Sector confidence: Driven by legislation, the UK is well on its way to an electrified future. The industry will continue to evolve, but in order for the UK to see a mass adoption of EVs, evolution in EV costs and accessibility needs to happen, fast.

Attitudes towards EV: We’re still in the early adopter phase, but heading towards a more mature phase of the EV journey. The industry needs to capture the attention of younger generations who will be purchasing a car for the first time, whilst EV car manufacturers need to now enter the market at a competitive price point.

Legislation: Whilst change in the industry is being observed on a macro level in the UK, this is not happening on a local scale. The Government is ambitious, but a lack of local collaboration is a barrier to adoption.

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